Frequently asked questions


Where is the entrance to DX Adventurepark?
Follow the DX Adventurepark signs from the parking lot, across the beach to the entrance.

Do I need to print my tickets?
No, but the QR code of the tickets must be clearly visible on a smartphone or tablet to be scanned.

Is reservation mandatory?
No, reservation is not mandatory but is recommended. You can report to the kiosk, but you run the risk of the park being full and having to wait for a later instruction moment.

From what age can you use the water ramp?
From the age of 12, you can use the water ramp. All participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 meters.

From what age can you use the aquapark?
From the age of 6, you can play in the aquapark under the supervision of an adult. All participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 meters.

I do not have a swimming diploma, can I come to DX Adventurepark?
Everyone is welcome at DX Adventurepark. You can play in the obstacle playground and on the trampolines with Bigairbag. You may not use the aquapark and the water ramp if you do not have a swimming diploma and you can't swim a minimum of 25 meters.

Do I have to be on the aquapark as a parent/supervisor?
As a parent/supervisor you are obliged to be on the aquapark with children under the age of 10. As a parent, you are not obliged to go with on the water ramp. 1 adult may accompany a maximum of 4 children.

Is it accessible for the disabled?
DX Adventurepark is unfortunately not suitable for disabled people. The park is difficult to reach with a wheelchair because you have to cross the beach to our park.

What is the maximum number of children an adult can supervise?
1 adult can accompany a maximum of 4 children.

I have reserved but I cannot come, what now?
Cancellation does not entitle the holder to a refund of the admission fee or other compensation. In consultation, the activity can be moved free of charge to another moment if availability allows it.

What happens if it rains? Can I come to DX Adventurepark in bad weather?
During a rain shower, the activities at DX Adventurepark continue. In case of thunderstorms, it is not safe to allow activities to continue and DX Adventurepark reserves the right to postpone the activity or close the park. If the park closes, the activity will be moved to another moment in consultation.

Can I shower at DX Adventurepark?
There are no showers at DX Adventurepark.

Where can I get changed?
There is a ladies' and a men's changing room where you can get changed.

Are there lockers for my valuables?
There are limited lockers available for storing your belongings. For renting a locker you pay €2 and we also ask a €10 deposit. After your visit to DX Adventurepark, you will receive your deposit back when you return your key. 

DX Adventurepark is not liable for damage to or theft of personal property. We advise you to make use of the available lockers.

Does everyone get a wetsuit?
Wetsuits are not mandatory but are recommended on colder days. For children up to the age of 9, use of a wetsuit is included in the price. From the age of 10 you can rent a wetsuit for €5 p.p.

I have a swimming diploma, can I participate without a life jacket?
A life jacket is mandatory for everyone, even if you have a swimming diploma and you can swim a minimum of 25 meters. A helmet is also mandatory on the water ramp.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are not allowed at DX Adventurepark.

Can I return to the park after leaving?
The right to access ends when you leave the park. Only in consultation with the instructor can you leave the park and return a short while later.

Can I use my GoPro or another camera in the aquapark or on the water ramp?
Only in consultation with the instructor may you use a GoPro or another camera.

The Gasselterveld used to be a sand quarry, is it dangerous?
The water depth at DX Adventurepark is 7 to a maximum of 9 metres. This depth is necessary for the water ramp, but due to the use of a life jacket, it is not dangerous. The aquapark and water ramp may not be used when you can't swim a minimum of 25 meters.