Family day, bachelor party or team outing? DX Adventurepark offers sporting and adventurous activities.

In addition to a visit to the aquapark or the water ramp, we offer various group activities such as Expedition Robinson, Highland Games and Bamboostics. If you're a small group, go supping or canoeing across the Gasselterveld lake. Before or after the activity, you can have a snack or a drink at the kiosk.


The teams compete against each other for the Robinson title on the beach. Strength, cooperation, speed and endurance are needed to win the tests.

A real strength test is tug-of-war and cooperation is of great importance with the walking Aa. The Expedition ends with a nerve-racking final test. The team that won the most points in the previous tests starts with a lead. It is exciting right up to the end!

* From 10 people. Duration: 1,5 to 2 hours.

For bookings or more information about the group activities
Call: 0599 – 56 53 90.